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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Make the Most of Your Pre-Move-in Walkthrough

Providence Woman with a Move-In Inspection ChecklistTransferring into a new Providence rental house can be an amazing moment. During this period, you should also consider protecting your security deposit: a pre-move-in walkthrough inspection. While some landlords will provide you with a list of things to check around your rental home before you move in, others may not. Make sure to perform a walkthrough inspection on your own, even if it isn’t required. Here are a few pre-move-in walkthrough tips to ensure that you make the most out of it.

Get Personal

An in-person walkthrough allows you to see the details in person. A helpful landlord may say that they have inspected the property for you, but you still need to check everything yourself. While plenty of landlords aren’t voluntarily trying to trick you, you still may uncover maintenance or other issues that got left out of the report. If you don’t check each part of your rental property carefully, you could wind up paying for repairing something that was broken before you moved in.

Use a Checklist

Getting the best out of your pre-move-in walkthrough means inspecting each part of your rental home carefully. Use a checklist, just to be sure you’re thorough. While a checklist is a great tool, don’t expect it from all landlords. You can, however, use checklists and guides found online. A checklist will allow you to keep your walkthrough focused and thorough so that you don’t miss anything. Aside from that, the checklist can also be used for comparison after you move out.

Document Everything

A checklist is an important first step in documenting your walkthrough. On the other hand, making the most of your pre-move-in inspection means going a little bit beyond simply checking off items. To fully protect your security deposit from undeserved repair charges, you need to carefully and thoroughly document each aspect of the property’s condition before you move in. Whether it’s on the checklist or not, make lots of notes. It helps to jot down condition issues, locations, etc. No detail is too small.

Most landlords won’t try to charge you to replace an entire kitchen floor for one damaged spot in the linoleum, but some might. One great idea is to take pictures as you do your walkthrough. When you do, take shots that are close-up and wide, and keep them in a safe place.

Report Maintenance Issues

Once you’ve completed your walkthrough and documentation, be sure to report any maintenance issues you discovered right away. Tell your landlord about the small details that may need maintenance or repairing — broken toilet seats or blinds, leaky faucets, and non-functioning light switches or outlets. These may seem like relatively small details, but they might end up causing you more problems if left unattended. As much as possible, put your reported issues in writing before you send it to your landlord as proof. In doing so, you protect yourself from unjust accusations, and you protect your security deposit when you leave.

Making the most of your pre-move-in walkthrough may require a few things of you. But it’s worth it. Thoroughly documenting your rental home’s pre-move-in condition leads to the assurance that, whatever happens, your security deposit will be returned in full.

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